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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What classes do you have at the XC Amateur National Championship?

A. Go to for a complete list.

Q. Can I pre-register for the qualifier?

A. No. Pre-registration is only for the XC Amateur National Championship in August.

Q. How many qualifiers do I have to race to make it to the XC Amateur National Championship?

A. If, at any qualifier, you make top 5 in any bike class and/or top 5 in any ATV class, you are in the Championship. If you do not make top 5 you may try other qualifiers.

Q. Do I have to get top 5 in bike/top 5 in ATV against everyone in my class to qualify?

A. There may be racers who do not want to try and qualify. You must be top 5 in bike/top in ATV against those who registered to try and qualify in your chosen class. Promoters will identify those who qualified after the race has been completed.

Q. Is this an AMA event?

A. No. There are many large promoters who are not AMA and we do not want to exclude them.

Q. If I only raced Pro at a local series can I still try and qualify for XC Amateur National Championship?

A. The following professional licensed riders are NOT eligible to participate in the XC AMATEUR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP

  1. ATV and Bike riders who have competed in the PRO class at these selected events in the current year. PRO class is deemed as:

    1. PRO1 and PRO2 at NEPG.

    2. PRO1 and PRO2 in US Sprint Enduro and,

    3. PRO/AA in AMA EAST/WEST Hare Scramble Championship,

    4. XC1 and XC2 classes in GNCC

  2. Current year WMX riders may NOT compete in the Women’s class at the XC AMATEUR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP but ARE eligible to try and qualify in an A class.

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